And there was love..

Crowded places and empty faces. Walking briskly down the street, she looked at the everyday selection of people rushing about, weaving in and out of the shops. Alone, together, or in a relationship with their cell phones, why can’t a person just sit. Just sit! Sit and take in their surroundings. Look at colors, look at shapes, look at life! A knowing smile fell over her face as she breathed deeply.

She tripped and coughed, but recovered by looking at the bottom of her shoe, to play it off by looking like she had gum on the sole. She thought to herself that people do that all the time and she is not the first. As she continued down the bustling street, she smelled cinnamon and coffee. It could not have come sooner, as her caffeine withdrawal was about to reach a climax.

As she was handed her vanilla latte with a dash of cinnamon, she noticed an older couple, probably mid-80’s. He opened the door for her, then held her hand as they walked to the counter. As they talked about what to get, she overheard the woman whisper to him to get the usual. He looked at her and said, ” did you know that you are the most beautiful woman in this place?” The older woman looked at him and kissed his hand. ” Well darling, thank you, but you are still paying for this coffee.”






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