She never knew about the little things..

She never knew about the little things she would miss. As she approached the funeral, she tried to keep it together and took some deep breaths. She parked and looked in the rearview mirror. Did she look ok? Teary eyes, check. Makeup, check. Black attire, check. Who cares. check.

She thought about her childhood friend and laughed. Jeez, did people around her see her laugh in her car? She immediately stopped and composed herself. She immediately became angry when thinking about drunk driving, as that is how she died. Why did her friend have to be on that same road when that person was leaving that particular bar. The other person wasn’t hurt, that pissed her off even more. Do people have a conscience? Was that person even remorseful?

She would miss the memories of her friend. Although she had not seen her in four years, it was like it was yesterday. She remembered the day they met. Second-grade reading group. She had a bubbly laugh and loved to skip. That day she knew she made a real friend.

Throughout the grades and years, they talked every day about anything and everything. They picked each other up off the ground over boys and lifted each other up with laughter. Colleges separated them, and this day separated them permanently.

She would miss the little things.

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