The Lost Art of Interpersonal Communication

“Communication Series”

What happened to Interpersonal Communication? Interpersonal communication is defined as exchanging thoughts and feelings through face to face communication. What? FACE TO FACE? Not over a text or Snapchat? Have we mostly gotten into a groove of liking a post on Facebook, and not even comment?

I feel that most of us are guilty of this. Long gone are the days were we had pen pals and phones with cords in the wall. When was the last time you actually called your loved one instead of texting? Communication is not personal anymore.

Personally, I had never put much thought into this, until my college major changed to Communication. Of course, communication consists of verbal and non-verbal ques. Sticking to verbal, as a society, do we miss face to face interaction? Of course, technology has played a huge part, if not the whole part, of the decline in interpersonal communication.

I think we all have seen a family in a restaurant and every person is on their personal cell phone. When I notice that, I think how lucky it is to even have a family to eat with !

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