INFJ Personality And You

What type of personality do you have? I took the Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to a personality test. Carl Jung founded analytical psychology and his practices and research are used to this day. The link is above. I scored as the INFJ type and I have read everything I can get my hands on since then regarding this.

INFJ stands for I-Introvert N- Intuition F-Feeling J-Judging. This is a pretty long test, and if you are honest with your answers, you can see what you are. There are sixteen personality types out there. As for INFJ personalities like myself, here are some things we do. See if you can spot any familiar things you do as well!

We take criticism to heart and are too hard on ourselves. We are ethical and have superior integrity, as well as find it hard at times to stay focused. We listen more then we talk, but crave alone time. We are quick to compliment others and take responsibility seriously. We work in quick bursts of energy and pay attention to time (hardly or never late). We have a hard time sleeping because our brain is constantly on and working.

I hope you enjoyed this small snippet about this. I would love to hear what you are after you take the test!!

———–>More Psychology blogs to come!<——————————-

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