Insomnia, Fancy Meeting You Again..

Awake at 3 am, or have problems falling or staying asleep? Join the insomniac club. Personally, I have taken two or three Benadryl a night and still cannot stay asleep. At times, I blame my brain for being so active and having many tabs open, like a computer. I will remember scenarios from 25 years back and think of better insults, or ways I should have handled the situation.

In addition, I am the type of person that is extremely hard on themselves. I critique my words and actions incessantly. I wish I could be a devil-may-care type of gal, but alas, I am not. Worry about the future? Me too! Future scenarios, future encounters, anything at all in the future. This could range from next week to 30 years from now.

Let me tell ya, counting sheep or whatever wooly animal does not work. I even have a box fan the bed for the white noise. Not watching TV or listening to music 2 hours before doesn’t help. Speaking of MUSIC, have you even played the same song in your head all night over and over and over until you are at your wits end? ME TOO! When I googled that specific scenario, it said that is called “ear worms”. Could the scientists have picked a more unappetizing term? GEEZ

Please respond if you have this issue! I would love to hear from you all if you have any helpful suggestions!

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