She Held That Butcher Knife

True Story.
She tossed and turned in her bed. This nightmare haunted her dreams a few times a year.
Her heart stopped after she hung up the phone. The same phone call at 8 AM. She worked the 7p-7a shift at Naval Hospital Guam. So she was asleep each time he called. Each time he called he knew something personal about her. This time was different and his voice changed. He had said he had been watching her and described what she was wearing at that very moment. She ran down the stairs and the back door was swinging open. She grabbed a butcher knife and ran to lock it. She wondered where this man was.

She took the cordless phone off the wall and called her husband at the hospital. She didn’t know the number of the MP’s as they lived on a military base. He hung up and called the MP’s. She sat crying with her back against the wall with the butcher knife. Thoughts raced through her head like is he in the house, she can’t go outside he could take her. Most people would run outside and far away. It’s broad daylight who does this? Oh no, the back door was open did the cats get out? (yes that was a thought).  She needs a gun, he could rape her. 
It came to her that there was a window at the turn of the stairs that faced the bedroom. But who would stand on a roof and look in? Wouldn’t people notice? KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. She ran to the door and opened it. The Military Police came in and she ran out. Her husband and the car brakes squealed to stop, and he ran towards her and she cried and pointed to the house.
One officer said this was not the first report of this happening on base, other houses had been getting these calls too. Come to find out, it was a contract company who did repairs for base housing, and replace air filters, etc.

(I cannot think of the company name now, but I remember seeing the work trucks for weeks after. That began my trouble with sleeping. )

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