Run For Your Life

She woke up to something cold and opened her eyes. She covered her mouth and screamed into her hands. She stood up hastily and scanned the dead body. Male, possibly mid-30’s with a note stapled to his chest. She leaned down to read the note. ” If you are reading this, you better run.”

She ran to the door opened slowly. It creaked like splintered wood in a haunted house. She stayed with her back against the wall and slowly made it down stairs step by step. Until she stopped and noticed blood coming through her torn t-shirt. She blocked out what could be underneath and kept moving. She heard gunshots from up above and started to run.

She opened the door and looked out all directions. She heard men yelling at her as she ran into the trees not knowing where she was. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her breathing started to labor. She stopped for a minute to gage her surroundings and her wound. She lifted her shirt and traced the jagged edges. She felt her back on the same side and there was a hole. Gunshot through and through.. she whispered to herself. How did she get here? Who would do this? These thoughts were swirling in her head before she passed out.

She woke up and something was in her nose..she fumbled with it and took it out. She looked around drowsily and gaged it to be a hospital room. Her other hand didn’t move. Looking down at it she didn’t grasp why it was in a handcuff. She moved it back and forth. ” So I see you are awake,” said a man walking in the room. “Who are..what..” she tried but fell back asleep. Later when she woke up again she was bound and gagged in a cell. She yelled and yelled for help. Someone spoke back in another language. German? She was just a nurse.

The door slammed opened and a man came in, looked her up and down and said, “you’ve been activated.”