Me, Myself, and Migraines.

Let me ask you all a few questions!!

How many of you suffer from migraines? How long was it before you actually sought help as you just tried to “deal with it?” When did you say enough was enough? Do they run in your family, and at what age did yours start? And lastly, what triggers yours?

Personally, mine started later in life, whereas my sister’s started in her teens. She still suffers from them horribly. I had a full blow one last month from, I feel, my sodium content at lunch. I had a wonderful lunch from Chili’s, but those chips were loaded with salt. My head started to feel like it was in a vice grip, and I found it hard to focus at work with the phone, typing and talking to others.

Before I forget, there are different types of Migraines. For instance, there are clusters, migraines with an aura and migraines without an aura etc. Aura’s for me is like a warning that something is about to happen.  I have not experienced an aura yet, knocks on wood.

Some migraines even come with nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, stomach pain. I do have all of those above symptoms with mine- not every time, but probably about 80%. It is the postdrome syndrome part I take pretty hard. That part is afterward when you feel like you were hit by a truck, exhausted, and cannot move around too quickly for about 2-3 days afterward. So it literally takes your body days to get over a migraine.

Do any of you keep a migraine journal when yours start for your neurologist to read? It helps to keep track of where the pain is, how often they occur, how long the symptoms last as well as what medication works for does not work for you. As for me, I take Maxalt, although I can take one every 2 hours as needed, in the scenario I listed above, I took 4. I definitely listed every detail in my journal about how many I took and the length of time until the postdrome part of a migraine. I did have to go the next day to get a shot of Toradol and Phenergan to help with the pain and nausea. 

My bright side is that I do not have the chronic migraines like some. I cannot imagine having 10-15 a month, as it lowers the quality of life. I know that one treatment people are getting are Botox injections in the head and neck, to help prevent muscle contractions.

Sound off below on what treatments you are on or about your migraine in general.