Colonoscopy Part 1

I wanted to document this as I know it is scary for people, myself included, when you are under 50 (the age recommended for this procedure), and well worry in general.

Morning, so bowel prepping is no joke when it comes to a colonoscopy. First, yesterday at 3:00pm, I took 4 Ducolax. At 4 pm,I had to mix a bottle of miralax with 32oz of gatorade,and drink that pretty quick.

Now, I hear this method is better then the old way with the jugs full of orange liquid.

I had slight cramping , and have not been to bed..its 6:36 am as I blog from my phone. Bowel movements for me are every 2 to 5 minutes.

At 3am this morning I had to mix the 2nd bottle of MiraLAX and drink it. Besides constantly running to the restroom, slight headache, and being exhausted, it is not bad as of yet. My worry is driving 2 towns over in 2 hours…I hope it stops by golly, what could be left??

I did ask for Propofol in my IV..I worked in Anesthesia in the military and know this will just knock me out..Versed is ok, but I trust Propofal better.

Will document part 2 after procedure…which starts at 10 am! Wish me luck.

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