The Good Patch-Plant and Hemp Based Wellness

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I have wanted to cut down on coffee and sugary infused caffiene drinks for a little while. I do not drink that much really anymore, but I would like to taper off 100%. Once I perused their website, I found all sorts of yummy things that could possibly help me! I I have found something that really works for me. Let me give you their backstory.

Longtime friends Betsy Scanlan, Kelly Brock, and David Nicholson created The Good Patch with one simple idea in mind: when the people around you feel good, life is more beautiful. The company came together in 2017 when David and Kelly, owners of award-winning spas, and Betsy, an accomplished advocate in the hemp industry, all met for coffee one morning to talk wellness and the power of plant-based ingredients. Combining each of their past expertise in the wellness industry, The Good Patch was born.


The Good Patch offers a variety of wellness products and patches for life’s common ailments. We use tried-and-true ingredients that are plant-based and 3rd party tested for purity and quality. You can them at or in a number of national retailers such as Anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s and Target, along with spas and boutiques across the country.  

Given, I was skeptical at first..whaaaa? No way. I read some reviews which are mostly positive and I always try something despite what people say anyway. Always try something you really want matter what people say!! Make up your own mind!! Then I though of all the patches in use today..birth control, nitro, pain patches etc. So, I ordered the B12 Awake and Relax ones at first. I LOVED them right off the bat. You add them to your inner arm or upper back. Typically they are said to last 8-12 hrs. I gave my friend one and it really lasted on her until 3:30 AM. (Hi Melissa). I used them up and then ordered those 2 in bulk and added the Nite Nite ones. I do have such trouble staying asleep. AND THEY WORKED!! Those include Hemp and Melatonin. ( When you order in bulk, prices lower)

My next one to try will be CBD and Soothe. I have always been a fan of CBD anything, as it does have terrific pain relieving and soothing properties.

Below are the patches and what they include.