Day 3 of no electricity here in Texas

As I type this from my phone, I think of all the things I personally take for granted. Let us begin with a hot shower. We all feel so much better having clean hair, being clean shaven, and smelling fresh. Coffee, nectar of the God’s, how I miss you. Did you know caffeine is a drug, and you suffer without it? Extreme headaches and bitchiness. Hot food in my belly, as I can only eat so many pringles and pop tarts. Internet..oo I miss my laptop. I miss my CPAP, as I stop breathing sometimes over a minute, as my sleep study showed.

Texas has never seen the likes of a storm like this, especially Central Texas. The power grid..overwhelmed. I pray for the elderly, disabled, and outside wildlife and pets.

I am thankful for cars to warm up in and to charge phones in. ALSO, MY HOUSE STILL HAS WATER..NEIGHBORS DO NOT!!! Speaking of phones..better stop blogging and conserve power.